Do not fear, for I am with you,
do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand

– Isaiah 41:10

About Us
Fatima Anthem

A happy band from far and near

We meet to learn the right to dare

Beloved Home! Dear College hail

Our love for thee shall never fail.


Chorus :         For God is all our strength

                        In Him we do and dare

                        The right against the wrong

                        We will cherish and revere

                        Then firmly let us stand

                        United heart and hand

                        And pray that God may ever bless

                        Our College days.


We gather round where all may sing

Glad songs of praise, of trust and love

Where youthful hearts may find the way

That leads to light and endless days.

College Song

O Mary Land, My Mary Land, 

My Sweet Home, My Mary Land, 

Whene’er I hear your praises ring

Joyfully to you I sing.

Shrine built on faith with stones of love,

Endowed with peace from Heaven above,

Proud of your stand on Indian land,

Mary Land, My Mary Land.


O Mary Land, My Mary Land,

My Dear Home, My Mary Land, 

E’er tenderly you guide my life

Fostering courage in the strife.

Though grey or blue the skies may be,

To you I’ll ever loyal be,

Strong with your faith, safe in your care,

Mary Land, My Mary Land.


O Mary Land, My Mary Land,

My blest home, My Mary Land,

Your word is truth, a beacon light,

Shining through the darkest night,

I’ll cherish memories of you,

As time goes on whatever I do.

A guide, a friend, that’s what you’ve been,

Mary Land, My Mary Land.


O Patroness of Mary Land,

Mary Queen of all our land, 

In years to come, my model be

Keep me ever close to Thee,

E’er true to my fellow men,

I want to help my fellow men,

Mary My Guide, give me Thy hand,

Patroness of Mary Land.

                          Students of Mary Land, 1961 – 1962

College Prayer

God our Father, source of all goodness, we believe that you are present in the whole creation. We humbly ask of you to watch over this College and its Inmates. Bless our parents, our teachers, our friends and well-wishers. Help us to grow as responsible women, caring for every kind of neighbour, especially our less fortunate brothers and sisters. May every prayer and work of ours begin with you and happily end with you.

                Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us.          Amen.

  • Vision Statement

    WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION Being contemplative, prophetic and women of communion for the LIFE of the world to empower young women through faith formation and value-based education for societal equality, harmony and care for our common home.