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– Isaiah 41:10







The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is awarded to a candidate who, as per the rules and regulations has submitted a thesis on the basis of original research under a supervisor (guide) in any particular discipline making a vital and original contribution to the advancement of knowledge. The candidates registered for Ph.D will be either under the category – Full time or Part time. As per the UGC guidelines for Ph.D, the rules & regulations prescribed for the Full time scholars are also applicable to the Part time scholars.


Ph.D. students will be admitted to Fatima College only in the month of June and July for odd semester and January and February for even semester. They should appear for entrance test in Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) and are asked to choose their respective guides based on their choice of preference in the given department.

The Register Number of the candidate will be 2018PHDL01, 2018PHDL02, etc. Every year register number will be based on the seniority of the candidate.

Every year register number be based on the year of admission arranged according to the alphabetical order.

If admitted in 2019,the register numbers will be 2019PHDN01, 2019PHDN02 etc.,

Scholars have academic flexibility, whereby they can choose their guide.

Male candidates can also register for Ph.D under the category Part time.


Attendance is calculated from the date of joining the course in Fatima College.

It will be three years for scholars with or without M.Phil.

Daily attendance is compulsory.

The same (requirement) percentage of minimum attendance as that of other programmes will be followed.

The research scholar should sign in the attendance register kept in the Shift II office and also in the Department.

When the research scholar goes on duty, attendance certificate from Library/Lab visited from the respective institution etc to be produced to the guide.

Attendance: minimum attendance of 30 days per year.


9.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.

Scholars should sign and flexibility is allowed. Students could be permitted to go out for data collection.


Both regular and part- time scholars need to pay the fees every year to the college, till the date of submission of Thesis.

Annual Research Fee: Annual research fee should be paid on the date of registration every year till the completion of the Ph.D. degree.(repetition).

Pending in Research Fee: Candidates who have due in the payment of research fee will be intimated (by Self-finance office) and they must pay the pending amount before the submission of their Ph.D. thesis as per the Ph.D Rules & Regulations followed in the respective academic year.


Leave up to two consecutive days –permission from Guide is required.

Beyond two days and up to 15 days – permission from Head of the Department (HOD) is required.

More than 15 days per semester – RAC along with Principal will decide.

Maternity Leave Period will be allowed for NINE months till the completion of Ph.D. Programme.


Minimum duration for Ph.D. Research is 3 years and maximum is 8 years from the date of registration (especially for women candidates and persons with disability).

Women candidates may be provided Maternity Leave/Child Care Leave once in the entire duration of Ph.D. for upto 240 days.

If the candidate fails to submit the thesis for the Ph.D. degree within the stipulated period of eight years, her registration will be treated as cancelled.

The maximum period shall not be extended for any reason and the candidates are subjected to re-registration.


Syllabus for Research Methodology has to be prepared by the Guide.

Course work comprising five units need to be prepared by the scholar (based on the thesis topic) and given to the Guide for scrutiny.

Course work syllabus has to be finalised by Guide and scholars within 3 months of admission.

The syllabus of both research methodology and course work have to be approved by an external expert/university nominee or by the Board of Studies of the Department.

Subject codes of the paper:

18PHDRML – Research Methodology for English Department.

18PHDRMN – Research Methodology for Home Science etc.

18PHDCWL01- Course Work for English.

18PHDCWN01 – Course Work for Home Science etc.

Same subject code will continue for remaining years, until the syllabus is revised / modified.

Research Methodology could be a common syllabus for more than one Department (Economics and Commerce).

Year will change as and when the syllabus is changed – only for Research Methodology.

Credits can be distributed like this:

Research Methodology (RM)   :    6

Course Work (CW)                 :     6

Dissertation                          :   10

Viva                                      :   10

                  Total                   :   32


If admitted without M. Phil., exam in Research Methodology test is mandatory within six months from the date of registration at MKU.

All the candidates admitted to the Ph.D. programme shall be required to complete the course work prescribed by the Dept. within a year.

The Ph.D. scholar has to obtain a minimum of 55% of marks in order to be eligible to continue in the program and submit the dissertation/thesis.

Credits assigned to the course work shall be a minimum of 8 credits each. (Research Methodology 8 credits; course work 8 credits; dissertation 8 credits; viva voce 8 credits, so total 32 credits).

Question paper model:

Five essay type questions (each unit a pair) with either or choice pattern.

Each question carries twenty marks, total 100 marks.


Guide/Supervisor will conduct the test.

Valuation will be done by guide and external subject expert or by another faculty of the same department.

A copy of the Answer script of the above exams and mark statement should be submitted to MKU.

Care should be taken by the Guide to maintain the office copy.



Presentation (Interface Meeting) in odd Semester –the panel will constitute of the Guide, HOD, Research Dean and at least one senior person from the parent Department.

Presentation in Even Semester – The Doctoral Committee will constitute the External Subject Expert, the Guide, HOD, Research Dean and at least one senior person of Department. The fee for external expert may be 1500 to 2000 for half a day.

Progress of research work and reports should be submitted periodically to MKU every six months from the date of registration as given by MKU. The various reports are admission report, exam work report, pre-viva report, viva report etc.

A copy of the same be retained by the scholar and department in a separate file for each scholar starting from date of admission till the date of award of Degree (including the copy of PG mark statement and Entrance test/interview Marks).


Presentation of research work will be done once in a year.

Progress of research work and reports should be submitted periodically to MKU.

A copy of the same shall be retained by the scholar and the Dept. in a separate file for each scholar starting from the date of admission till the date of award of Degree.

The various reports are admission report, exam work report, pre-viva report etc.


The respective Department need to solve grievances among research scholars, guides and others involved in research.

Complex problems can be brought to the notice of RAC and Principal.

Likewise scholars also have the right to change the guide if need arises on payment of fees at MKU.

In case the progress of the research scholar is unsatisfactory, the RAC shall record the reasons for the same and suggest corrective measures.

If the research scholar fails to implement corrective measures, the RAC may recommend to the Principal with specific reasons for cancellation of the registration of the research scholar.


Scholars are expected to publish one paper relating to their thesis in a reputed refereed Scopus indexed Journal.

Scholars should present their research paper in two International/National conferences/seminars/symposium before submission of thesis.

Evidence for the presentation/publication maybe produced in the form of presentation certificates.


Before submission, plagiarism check should be done and certificate attached to the thesis.


Pre-Viva and Viva Voce Presentation are open to the public – staff and students of all educational institutions.

Public Viva Voce in the presence of the panel constituting external examiner, guide and HOD. Other faculty of the Department, scholars and public will be the audience.

Pre-Viva Fee – Rs. 3000.

Viva Voce Fee – Rs. 5000.

All expenses will be met by the scholars.


Place to Meet: PT scholars can meet their respective research guides in the Research Centre or in the room allotted (B5 and Library) for the Full Time Scholars.

Library: Library services will be available for the PT Scholars throughout the year as well as during the month of May.

Presentation will be done once in a year.

No attendance for part-time scholars. But course work period attendance is mandatory for science departments.

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