Do not fear, for I am with you,
do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand

– Isaiah 41:10



“To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought”

                                                              – Alfred Lord Tennyson.


To create the right ambience for research in the campus.

To make research a part of the culture in the institution.

To  inculcate a  desire to do quality  research  in those who are yet to  get their  M.Phil/ Ph.D  &  to show more avenues for research to those who have already got their Ph.Ds.

To promote the periodic participation of the Faculty and Students in State, National and International Seminars and Workshops.

To give the necessary guidance to the  Faculty in pursuing  Minor  and  Major  Research Projects funded by various agencies.

To  collaborate with State, National  and  International  Subject  Experts, Academicians, Scientists to get guidance in doing meaningful and socially relevant research.

To  collaborate  with  industry  in  order  to  transform  academic  research  into  project consultancy that is relevant to society.


The Research Cell lives up to its mission by holding periodic meetings to encourage research pursuits.

Encourages staff and student participation in research programs and projects.

Every year the members of the various faculty are guided to commence their major or minor research projects.

Periodically seminars, symposia and workshops have been organized.

The Cell extends its activities through lectures on various topics relevant to the pursuit of research and specific training programmes in recent softwares.



The motivation and the constant guidance given by the members of the Research Cell led to several visible and productive changes in the institution.

The recognized research guides in the institution rose from 7 to 17.

Three more Departments have become Research Centers – Department of Commerce, Department of English and Department of Economics have been elevated to the Status of being Research Centers.

A marked increase in the number of Minor Research projects.

Major Research Project with International Relevance – Promoting Tamil Studies for Diaspora – An Inter Departmental Project between Tamil & English Departments is being conducted in full swing. The Website is:

Another Major Research Project with National Relevance has also commenced. This project on Food substitute for Aids patients is being conducted by the Home Science department.

A review of the ongoing projects was conducted on 01.02.2012 when all those who have undertaken the Major and Minor  Research Projects made a  presentation of their respective projects which created an awareness of the ongoing activities and motivated those who are yet to take up projects to take up new ventures.

The Research journal Facet came up with its third volume.



1.    Dr. Sr. G. Celine Sahaya Mary
: Chairperson
2.    Dr. Sr. Bindu Antony
Vice-Principal – I (Shift – I)
: Member
3.    Dr. G. Uma
Vice-Principal – II (Shift-I)
: Member
4.    Dr. Sr. J. Arul Mary
Vice-Principal – I (Shift-II)
: Member 
5.    Dr. M. Arasammal
Vice-Principal – II (Shift-II)
: Member
6.    Dr. Vasantha Esther Rani
The Research Centre of Home Science with Food Biotechnology
: Dean of Research (Shift – I)
7.    Dr. S. L. Kumari
Dept. of Business Administration (BBA)
: Dean of Research (Shift – II)
8.    Dr. S. Sukumari
Dept. of Chemistry
: Assistant Dean (Shift – I)
9.    Ms. S. Selvarani
Dept. of Computer Applications (MCA)
: Assistant Dean (Shift – II)
10.   Dr. R. Dayana Christy
The Research Centre of Tamil
: Member
11.   Dr. C. Prasanna Devi
Dept. of Mathematics
: Member
12.   Dr. G. Priya
The Research Centre of English
: Member
13.   Dr. M. Suganya
Dept. of Sociology & Social Work
: Member
14.   Dr. Sr. G. Jenita Rani
The Research Centre of Physics
: Member
15.   Dr. V. Suganya
The Research Centre of Commerce
: Member
16.   Dr. R. Suji Karthika
The Research Centre of Economics
: Member
17.   Dr. S. Barathy
Dept. of Zoology
: Member
18.   Dr. P. Shyamala
Dept. of Management Studies (MBA)
: Member
19.   Dr. M. Nagarenitha
Dept. of Management Studies (MBA)
: Member
20.   Ms. V. Arul Deepa
Dept. of Chemistry
: Member
21.   Ms. J. Sahaya Bowlin
Part-I Tamil (Shift – II)
: Member
22.   Dr. T. Vasantha
Dept. of Computer Science
: Member
23.   Ms. H. Shanmuga Priya
Dept. of Mathematics (Shift-II)
: Member
24.   Dr. B. Jayanthi
Dept. of Management Studies (MBA)
: Member
25.   Dr. B. Poornima Sethupathi
Dept. of History
: Member
26.   Dr. C. Sujatha
: Member