Do not fear, for I am with you,
do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand

– Isaiah 41:10



1.    Dr. Sr. G. Celine Sahaya Mary
: Chairperson
2.    Dr. Sr. Bindu Antony
Vice-Principal – I (Shift – I)
: Member
3.    Dr. G. Uma
Vice-Principal – II (Shift-I)
: Member
4.    Dr. Sr. J. Arul Mary
Vice-Principal – I (Shift-II)
: Member 
5.    Dr. M. Arasammal
Vice-Principal – II (Shift-II)
: Member
6.    Dr. Vasantha Esther Rani
The Research Centre of Home Science with Food Biotechnology
: Dean of Research (Shift – I)
7.    Dr. S. L. Kumari
Dept. of Business Administration (BBA)
: Dean of Research (Shift – II)
8.    Dr. S. Sukumari
Dept. of Chemistry
: Assistant Dean (Shift – I)
9.    Ms. S. Selvarani
Dept. of Computer Applications (MCA)
: Assistant Dean (Shift – II)
10.   Dr. R. Dayana Christy
The Research Centre of Tamil
: Member
11.   Dr. C. Prasanna Devi
Dept. of Mathematics
: Member
12.   Dr. G. Priya
The Research Centre of English
: Member
13.   Dr. M. Suganya
Dept. of Sociology & Social Work
: Member
14.   Dr. Sr. G. Jenita Rani
The Research Centre of Physics
: Member
15.   Dr. V. Suganya
The Research Centre of Commerce
: Member
16.   Dr. R. Suji Karthika
The Research Centre of Economics
: Member
17.   Dr. S. Barathy
Dept. of Zoology
: Member
18.   Dr. P. Shyamala
Dept. of Management Studies (MBA)
: Member
19.   Dr. M. Nagarenitha
Dept. of Management Studies (MBA)
: Member
20.   Dr. V. Arul Deepa
Dept. of Chemistry
: Member
21.   Ms. J. Sahaya Bowlin
Part-I Tamil (Shift – II)
: Member
22.   Dr. T. Vasantha
Dept. of Computer Science
: Member
23.   Dr. B. Jayanthi
Dept. of Management Studies (MBA)
: Member
24.   Dr. B. Poornima Sethupathi
Dept. of History
: Member
25.   Dr. C. Sujatha
: Member


  • Vision Statement

    WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION Being contemplative, prophetic and women of communion for the LIFE of the world to empower young women through faith formation and value-based education for societal equality, harmony and care for our common home.