Do not fear, for I am with you,
do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand

– Isaiah 41:10


Prior to the commencement of research programmes in various disciplines several members of our faculty had already undertaken scholarly research pursuits in the 1970s. Department of Tamil is the pioneering department in the field of research. The Head of the Department of Tamil Dr. Mrs. Sakthi Perumal was a popular speaker as well as one who acquired the doctoral degree well ahead of many other scholars in the field.  Tamil department has been headed by Dr. Shenbagam, who has enjoyed being one of the jury in the Sahitya Akademi. Among the science departments, in Physics we have had Heads like Dr. Susila, who have done research under Dr. Homi Baba’s student, she was one among the 13 in the National level selection done directly by the U.G.C. to avail of Faculty Improvement Program in the year 1976. Dr. Ms. Gita Paul who headed the department of Zoology pursued her doctoral work under Dr. Krishnaswamy, the Head of Biology department in the Madurai Kamaraj University who elevated the research center in M.K.U to world renown.

Research has been part of the academic culture in Fatima campus. The activities include the research done by students who have joined for their Doctorate studies, M.Phil. programme, the Dissertation work or mini research projects done by the students at the Post Graduate levels. Periodical guest lectures with renowned scholars, researchers and young scientists animate the academic ambience and give impetus to the young minds.

Our college is proud of its staff, with members like Dr. S. Geetha who has been on the panel of jury for the selection of Fulbright scholars and Dr. Magdelene has attended a Fulbright Program our alumnus Dr. Angelina, has availed of Fulbright scholarship to pursue her research program in the U.S. Sponsored research projects with funding from external sources and consultancy are also undertaken. Researchers in various faculty have ties with various International and National libraries and other centers of active research.


1. VISION    

The vision of the Research Cell of Fatima College, comprising the Research Advisory Committee for faculty and Student Resource Forum for students is,

To empower women through research aptitude by providing a conducive environment for promoting excellence in research within disciplines and inter-disciplinary approaches.


To promote multidisciplinary research and education in science, humanities, languages, commerce and social sciences.

To equip the researchers of Fatima College with 21st century capabilities by engaging them in research that integrates the education of a diverse population of students especially the first generation learners and the underprivileged, promoting women empowerment.

To provide a rich intellectual environment and conducive infrastructure, for collaborative research among faculty and students from various departments which paves a way for technology-oriented competitive gainful employment.


To strengthen the institutional capacity for strategic, technical and operational planning, budgeting and control of all research activities of the college..

To encourage and facilitate the publication of the research work/projects in reputed academic and peer reviewed journals after plagiarism check.

To encourage and facilitate the presentation/communication of the research work/projects as well as their findings and recommendations through academic events such as workshops, seminars and guest lectures.

To provide a modality for proper coordination of all research activities of the college in tune with the vision and mission of the college and national development goals.

To guide faculty members in the effective integration of research projects with the regular curriculum implementation and curriculum enrichment activities.

To identify,inform and facilitate the researchers about the appropriate research opportunities announced by different academic, research, industry and government organizations.


The staff and students work in unison to promote the research culture in Fatima college. There exists a subtle, yet a strong and conducive environment for facilitating research among the students guided by the staff of the Research Advisory Committee.

There are periodical meetings arranged for the presentation of the research projects taken up by student groups to a team of staff members to provide suggestions and constructive criticisms. Within one semester, there are at least two presentations, which gives them the impetus to successfully carry on their societal oriented research work. At the end of the year, an intercollegiate National Research Fest called ‘Exploria’ on themes like Sustainable goals is organized where students from various institutions participate and present their research outcome.

The presentations will be judged for Undergraduates and post graduates separately.The best presenters and their research guides/mentors are titled as ‘Top Ten Best Projects’.They become the proud recipients of certificates, awards, medals and cups. All students participating in the Fest are honored with participating certificates. The jury of renowned judges will be invited from various academic and research institutions. Apart from this, several staff members are engaged in minor and major research projects sponsored by UGC, DBT, TNSCST, ICSSR and other reputed funding organizations. Besides these activities, there are a number of Ph.D scholars pursuing their research under the guidance of University approved research guides.



  • Vision Statement

    WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION Being contemplative, prophetic and women of communion for the LIFE of the world to empower young women through faith formation and value-based education for societal equality, harmony and care for our common home.