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Welcome to Fatima Online Course
New research has suggested that many young people could benefit from an online to enhance their learning skills both theoretical and technical.

The online courses are new windows for accessing information on specific courses and gain preparedness for self learning and application of knowledge gained in the fields of choice.The aim of this facility is to increase the choices of areas of study available in our campus.

It encourages students to move out of their specific areas of learning and move across disciplines.

The other benefits are – with choices available, within the three years of the degree program more courses can be undertaken and a student can ac quire more than the minimum credits. Gaining extra credits it mproves the learner’s opportunity for placements in the job arena. It also offers skills for self employability.

This is a novel venture in the Fathima Campus which ever strives to make a step forward in the CBCS system and also realize the dream of empowering the first generation learners especially women.