Do not fear, for I am with you,
do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand

– Isaiah 41:10

B.Sc. Chemistry


   Inorganic Chemistry – I

(Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Acid and Bases, Non-Aqueous Solvents and s-Block Elements)

   Organic Chemistry – I

(Reaction Mechanism, Alkanes, Cycloalkanes and Alkyl Halides)

  Lab I – Volumetric Analysis


         Physics – I

         Lab I – Allied Physics Practicals – I

Non Major Elective

        Profitable Home Industries

  Inorganic Chemistry – II

(Theories of hard and soft acids – bases, chemical bonding and Chemistry of group III, IV, V & VI elements)

Organic Chemistry – II

(Alkenes, alkynes, alkadienes, organo metallic compounds, alcohols and esthers)

  Lab II – Volumetric Analysis II


          Physics – II

           Lab II -Allied Physics Practicals-II

Non Major Elective

          Profitable Home Industries



  Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

(Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Aromatic Electrophilic, Nucleophilic Substitution, Chemistry of VII Group, d-Block Elements)

   Physical Chemistry – I

(Gaseous state solutions, Dilute Solutions, Radioactivity & Nuclear Transformations and Nuclear Chemistry)

   Lab III – Inorganic Qualitiative Analysis

   Lab IV – Lab in Animal Diversity, Physiology and Genetics


         Animal Diversity, Physiology and Genetics /

        Mathematics – I 

Skill Based

         Agricultural Chemistry

   Inorganic Chemistry – III

(Coordination Chemistry)

   Physical Chemistry – II

(Chemical Kinetics, Solid State and Distribution Law)

  Lab III – Organic Qualitative Analysis

  Lab IV – Lab in Cell & Molecular Biology


        Cell & Molecular Biology /

         Mathematics – II

Skill Based

      Natural and Synthetic Dyes



   Organic Chemistry – III

   Physical Chemistry – III

   Lab V – Inorganic Practicals

   Lab VI – Organic Preparation and Estimation

Major Elective

         Specstroscopy / Biochemistry

Skill Based

        Nano Chemistry

        Medicinal Chemistry

    Organic Chemistry – IV

    Physical Chemistry – IV

   Lab VII – Physical Practicals

  Lab VIII – Green Chemistry Practicals

Major Elective

         Advanced Organic Chemistry / Polymer Chemistry

        Advanced Physical Chemistry / Bio-Inorganic Chemistry

Skill Based

        Computers in Chemistry

        Green Chemistry


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