Do not fear, for I am with you,
do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand

– Isaiah 41:10


     Fatima College introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in 2001. Since then, the college has raised the bar of Higher Education and catered to the needs of the stakeholders offering a learner-centric curriculum in the digital era. The re-designed curriculum incorporates Electives, Skill-Based, Non Major Electives, Extra-Departmental and Value-Added courses besides the Major Core and Allied Courses in the respective UG/PG programmes. CBCS with its rich and varied palette of courses opens up newer avenues of ICT-based learning beyond the opted discipline across the departments.  Through synergistic efforts each department strives to achieve the following:

In tune with TANSCHE’s curricular structure, UGC guidelines and NAAC expectations regular designing and development of quality – based curriculum with local, regional, national and international relevance leading to excellence.

Providing academic flexibility and academic mobility to the learners through cafeteria/automat approach by enabling them to opt

Add-on Courses

Value-Added Courses

Extra – Credit Courses

Project Team – mates and supervisors

Research Guides and supervisors

Based on the potentials of an individual learner, hailing from a pluralistic community, Blended/Flipped learning is promoted making learning exciting, enjoyable and fun-filled, facilitating application of the knowledge and skills by promoting vertical and horizontal mobility.

Offering holistic education in the multi-cultural/ multi-religious context with a special focus on building a better society through the following Ability  enhancement courses:

Foundation Courses

Value Education

Human Rights

Environmental Studies

Soft Skills

Creating a conducive research ambience giving hands-on- training  by mandating projects and internships.

Rolling out contemporary courses in keeping with the emerging trends by fulfilling futuristic demands of the stake-holders.


     Fatima College has moved from content based to competency based curriculum – Outcome Based Education – which is yet another milestone in Higher Education reached during 2019. This learner-centric teaching pedagogy focusses on measuring the students’ performance through the respective course/ programme outcomes after a considerable period of time. The course/programme outcomes are realised based on the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired by the learner shaping them into inquisitive researchers, topical innovators, befitting employees of the upcoming job markets and above all better citizens of this global village.


FC Graduate Attributes Flow Chart



  • Vision Statement

    WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION To empower women by developing human capabilities through quality education based on Christian values, making them responsible citizens who can work for the advancement of the society and promote communal harmony in the multi-religious and multi-cultural reality of India eventually evolving into women of communion.