" In the above logo of MAM the multi-pronged, open ended spiral indicates the dynamism of ever growing and ever moving characteristic of the movement with gateless gate. The eye in the center is the third eye symbolizing God the source of continuous birth, wisdom, compassion and awakening.


The motto "Excellence to Godliness" refers to the never-ending eschatological life journey from excellence to Godliness through awareness that is achieved by meditation. This motto is the concrete expression of the philosophy of this movement "Live to Love & Love to Live".


The goal of MAM is to inculcate pure meditation as the way of life enabling people to enter into action with ever deepening awareness and compassion leading to Godliness which in turn will boost their inner energy, dynamism, skills, and values to excel in the performance and deliver abundant fruits glowing with selfless service to the human society.


Why MAM?

In the mission of transforming young minds to lead a balanced and contented life with tolerance and non - violence for personality development and character building, Mindfulness Meditation (MM) has been introduced in the curriculum. MM enhances students' concentration and self - confidence and equips them to exhibit all wonderful qualities hidden in them. Besides, Meditation in Action encourages students' fraternity to involve in community welfare services.