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Theme & Description
    Melors:   "Let the world speak to us in colors and let our souls answer in music"
    Young aesthetes,
           MELORS, the amalgamation of MELODY and COLORS, pervades the Universe, both macroscopic and microscopic. If music is the soul of the universe, then colors blow life into it. Each of us is fond of different types of music and vibrant colors which are not only a source of pleasure but also enable us to enter the realm of sublime. They change the moods, reduce tension and have a soothing effect upon a withered heart. Psychology says that the music you hear makes you think about a certain color; whereas if you think about a certain color, it yieldsunto specific emotions that build up your life. Springs 2K19 provides you the platform to provoke your artistic skill to exhibit the music and colors inherent in you. Take this chance to get yourself smeared with the vibrant colors of life and the eternal music that brims all over the world.
Theme Based Competitions
  • Art Inscribe (Pencil Sketch)
  • Film-Let (Short Film)
  • Poeters Prosody (Versification)
  • Mini Manicure (Nail Art)
  • Ray of Radiance (Rangoli)
  • Tight Lipped-Show (Mute Show)
  • The Queen of Melors (Fashion Parade)
  • Symphony (Orchestra)
  • Shutter Bug (Photography)
  • Like and Share (Digital Poster Making)
Talent Based Competitions
  • Pastiche Foot (Imitation Dance )
  • Jiggle Joggle (Fusion Dance )
  • Naatya Shastra (Bharathanaatyam)
  • The Jokester (Stand - Up Comedy)
  • The Double - Crosser (Turn Coat)
  • Art of Quilling (Wall Poster)
  • Floral Jewel (Jewellery Making with Flowers)
  • Karka Kasadara (Tamil Extempore Speech)
  • Be the Beyonce (Solo Singing)
  • Cuisine (Fireless and Wireless Cooking)
Schedule of Events
    S.No. Events Timing
    1 Pastiche foot (Imitation Dance) 9.30 TO 11.00
    2 Jiggle joggle (Foot - Loose) 9.30 TO 11.00
    3 Art Inscribe (Pencil Sketch) 9.30 TO 10.30
    4 Art of quilling (Wall Poster) 11.30 TO 12.30
    5 floral jewel (Jewellery making with flowers) 10.00 TO 11.00
    6 Karka Kasadara (TAMIL EXTEMPORESPEECH) 9.30 TO 10.30
    7 film-let (Short film) 11.30 TO 1.00
    8 Naatya Shastra (Bharathanaatyam) 9.30 TO 11.00
    9 Poeters prosody (Versification) 9.30 TO 10.30
    10 Mini - Manicure (Nail art) 11.30 TO 12.30
    11 Ray of radiance (Rangoli) 10.00 TO 11.00
    12 Be the beyonce (Solo Singing) 9.30 TO 11.00
    13 cuisine (fireless and wireless cooking) 11.30 TO 12.30
    14 Tight – lipped show (Mute show) 11.30 TO 1.00
    15 The queen of melors (Fashion Parade) 11.30 TO 1.00
    16 shutter bug (Photography) 9.30 TO 11.30
    17 symphony ( orchestra) 11.30TO 12.30
    18 THE DOUBLE-CROSSER (Turn coat) 9.30 TO 10.30
    19 THE JOKESTER (Stand - up comedy) 11.30 TO 12.30
    20 Like and share (digital poster making) -