“As a father pities his children, so the Lord pities those who fear Him”

– Psalm 103:13



        Fatima College, a premier institution of higher education in Tamil Nadu, has been catering to the requirements of women from various economic levels and cultural backgrounds. The institution has earned the hall mark of excellence through 56 years of academic pursuit. It’s long cherished dream of establishing an extension centre to train and empower the village women and dropouts through education-motivating, training and uplifting came to realization in 2004 with the commencement of WEAT. Women Empowerment Animation and Training (WEAT) a social wing of Fatima College aims at improving the economic and social status of the underprivileged women and dropout girls in and around Madurai through different skill based courses ever since 2004.



Opening avenues of opportunities to build available economy for the marginalized women.




Economic Empowerment of Women.



Woman Empowerment Animation and Training Programme (WEAT) aims at increasing the economic position and social status of underprivileged and marginalized women and girls, giving preference to rural and economically background women in and around Madurai.


To take up responsibilities in society and become agents of social change.

To create better job opportunities for unemployed backward women and school drop out girls by means of job – oriented and need – based training courses.

To provide training cum service to marginalized women and drop out girls.

To empower women by developing human capabilities through non formal education and short term programme.

To enable women to avail self- employment schemes of the government through appropriate counseling.

To bring about attitudinal change through moral boosting and confidence building exercise.



Sr. M. Arul Vinnarasi, M.S.W.



Mr. S. Manuneethi Cholan, M.Sc., D.M.L.T.

Lab. Tech. Tutor


Mrs. V. Saratha, B.Com., PGDCA., Tally 9.0

Computer Instructor


Mrs. S. Jayaseeli, T.T.TC.

Tailoring Instructor


Mrs. Pabitha

Apparel Designing Instructor


Mrs. S. Pappathi, B.Sc., D.C.A.

Office Assistant

  • Vision Statement

    Being women of communion, contemplative and prophetic, empower women and children through faith formation and value-based education for societal equality, harmony and to care for our common home.