Do not fear, for I am with you,
do not be afraid, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand

– Isaiah 41:10


Autonomy was conferred on Fatima College in 1990. The system of evaluation has been systematically and periodically remodeled to make it highly credible and valid. There has been a parallel evolution of the evaluation system to match the changing trends in curricular innovations and teaching-learning methodologies.

The basis of changes incorporated in the question paper pattern and evaluation components are aimed at comprehensive evaluation of the capabilities of the students. The evaluation pattern is designed to test the textual comprehension and practical application of knowledge gained in various areas of their chosen subjects. Hence credits and marks are allotted for projects, internships and training programmes.

The current system of evaluation is based on the CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) guidelines given by the Department of Higher Education, Tamil Nadu Government.

The two components of evaluation are:

   CIA (Continuous Internal Assessment) = 25%

  ESE (End Semester Examinations) = 75% 

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)

The common requisites for CIA are as follows:

Two centralized mandatory tests –  Test1 (T1) & Test2 (T2)


Assignment &


Retest is not offered as a rule. If a student is absent for either of the tests, the available marks will be divided by two and taken as the test mark for that paper.

A student who is absent for a test on medical grounds, has to apply to the Principal, through the Head of the department for special permission to write retest.

End Semester Examinations (ESE)

The date of the commencement of the End Semester Examinations is printed in the College Calendar. The detailed Time Table for regular and supplementary papers will be published in the College Website three weeks before the commencement of the examinations. A copy of the time table will be displayed on the notice board also.

External pass minimum

UG = 26/75 = 35%

PG and M.Phil. = 34/75 = 45%

Aggregate pass minimum

UG = 40/100 = 40%

PG and M.Phil. = 50/100 = 50%

Candidates who have passed with repeat attempts are not eligible for Distinction.


Current students and private candidates can appear.

The July supplementary examination will be only for the arrears in the final semester papers of the April end semester examination for outgoing students.

Contact the college administrative office regarding registration for the supplementary examinations.

Check the college website for the time table of these examinations.

Application forms for writing supplementary examination should be signed by the Head of the Department.

A Photocopy of the last received Mark Sheet should be attached to the application form.

Number of attempts allowed for Passing in the same syllabus: 1+4 chances are allowed for any paper in the same syllabus. After that, the candidates can write the examination only in the current syllabus.

Students who have exhausted the permissible chances, must contact the H.O.D. and  register for the current equivalent paper only.

The date for registration of supplementary examinations is printed in the college calendar and ten working days are allowed for registering.

Late submission of application forms for registration will not be permitted.

For all examinations, the students’ Identity Card should be presented as Hall Ticket. If ID card is lost, the candidate must apply to the Principal for a replacement.



Students who have Failed and wish to apply for revaluation within 7 working days after the publication of results.

They should contact the college administrative office for

The application form &

Details of fee for revaluation.

The revaluation results will be forwarded to their home address within 10 days after the last day allowed for applying for revaluation.


Out gone students with arrears are considered as Private Candidates.

Supplementary examinations in July are conducted only for Private Candidates.

During the July supplementary examinations they can appear for any paper of the following semesters

I to VI – UG Courses

I to IV – PG Courses

They are expected to bring their ID cards for the supplementary exams and for all sorts of enquiries.


Private candidates with scores lesser than the required aggregate pass minimum in the internals can improve the same by applying for CIA improvement.

They can apply in the college administrative office at the beginning of the respective semester.

They should attend Test1 and Test2 along with the regular students, of the respective semester.


Malpractice (possession of papers or any other material with hints / copying / insertion of prewritten answer paper, giving and receiving help) will be punished. If you find any incriminating material (bits of papers with hints) near your seat, report immediately to the Hall Supervisor.

Those who commit Malpractice will have to face an enquiry committee comprising the Principal Controller, Dean and HOD, with her Parents, who will be informed of the nature of punishment i.e..

End Semester Examinations

First time offence: Cancellation of examination taken in the particular paper. The candidate will be debarred from appearing for that paper for one subsequent examination.

Repeat offence: Cancellation of examination of all subjects registered for that session. The candidate will be debarred for these papers for one subsequent examination.

Centralized Tests

First time offence: If a student indulges in malpractice either during T1 or T2 for the first time in her period of study, the test will stand cancelled and no marks will be awarded for that paper. During consolidation of marks for that paper, the available mark will be divided by 2, and taken as test average.

Repeat offence: f a student indulges in malpractice either during T1 or T2 for the second time in her period of study, all the tests she had witten in that schedule will be cancelled and no marks will be awarded for any of the papers. During consolidation of marks for all papers, the available mark for one test will be divided by 2, and taken as test average.



She will be allowed to apply for CIA improvement after finishing the course as a private candidate in case of need.


  • Vision Statement

    WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION To empower women by developing human capabilities through quality education based on Christian values, making them responsible citizens who can work for the advancement of the society and promote communal harmony in the multi-religious and multi-cultural reality of India eventually evolving into women of communion.